Newsletter - March 2020

Thank you for opening the IWFMN Newsletter. We hope you find it informative and useful. I know this is a very stressful time for all of you. I have never known such a complete upset as this Covid 19 era.

But, having been through a number of recessions I have learned one thing for certain, the upturn always comes!

So: Avail of all government aids to keep your liquidity and your skilled workforce together. Use this downtime to think creatively about your future business’s direction. When this is over, is it more of the same? Or, are there opportunities you’d like to follow but never had the time to assess and think through? Think of the time as a sabbatical and refresh your batteries. Learn a new skill, become more proficient on the Internet. Release your creativity. Plan for a difficult future but one that will also be ripe with opportunity. Reach out to colleagues in the industry, join the industry conversation on Fridays 1 pm.

Please follow the link below to download our PDF Newsletter and remember we are the sum of our parts. Collaborate for a brighter future. Bill Vernon Secretariat IWFMN

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