Is your Business BREXIT & COVID proof? Join us at our 3rd Annual Conference Online.

Does your business have an exportable product or service? Are you looking innovative and grow your product and service offering and improve your competitiveness in your existing and potential growth markets? Do you need to find new sales opportunities to assist in keeping your business sustainable and profitable as a result of the adverse effects of CoronaVirus and Brexit? Are you looking for new ways to position your business to take best advantage of a market uplift post Covid? If the answer to any of the above questions is “Yes” then you need to represent your business at this year’s IWFM Network Conference: “Connecting to Europe: Selling & Sourcing”.

The event is an excellent opportunity to knowledge sharing, network, and gain insights to assist your company grow and prosper. It uniquely brings you industry colleagues together in a collaborative way for the benefit of all. You will:

  • gain knowledge from a broad range of insightful speakers.

  • hear the experiences of businesses from your industry that have already embraced the challenges of entering new export markets and expanded their supply base.

  • have the opportunity for further questions and answers as part of a panel discussion.

This event is an opportunity to kickstart or further develop your export business and maybe more importantly alert you to some of the pitfalls you may encounter along the way and thereby equip you with the necessary knowledge to avoid costly mistakes. If you want to grow your business through expert sales and a broader supply base, join us at 8.30am on Tuesday the 24th November, online.

Register for the event here

Joe Friel, Castlebrook Furniture, IWFMN Steering Committee.

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