Newsletter - August 2020

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

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These past few months have seen our industry briefly back at work then holidays, dominated by staycations and now back to work again facing threats of further lockdowns and restrictions in how we work. COVID 19 continues to dominate our news and now with Autumn looming and children going back to school even more vigilance will be needed to steer clear of the virus. All this can easily mask the concurrent challenge of BREXIT. Yes. BREXIT. It is still happening and it will effect all our businesses not just our exporters. Be prepared. Remember to check the sources of all you purchase and routes followed to get them to you. Make allowances for delays and where appropriate agree with your suppliers on alternative routing. Above all be aware !

IWFMN continues to probe for opportunities for our members to develop and prosper. In the past month we have submitted an application to the Environmental Protection Agency under their call for Innovation for a Circular Economy embracing 8 upholstery related members and we have opened dialogue with Intertrade Ireland and Manufacturing NI with a view to strengthening ties for our mutual benefit. Our National Conference this year will be in November and it will be a ‘virtual presentation’. We hope to bring a number of inspiring speakers to you who will help us all to map the way forward to a successful 2021. Do remember the IWFMN network is your network, engage with it benefit from the strength we have in our numbers.

IWFMN Newsletter Aug 2020
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